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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ways To Expand Your Direct Marketing Business

Have you thought about growing your business by expanding into new markets? You probably have. Most companies think about it, and have the potential to do it, but then current day-to-day operations and time constraints get in the way of planning and implementation.
Perhaps you have existing products or brands that would have instant appeal to an entirely new client base? Existing customers who would be highly receptive to new product ideas, services and promotional offers? Or you’re a business-to-business vendor who could also be selling direct to the consumer? Or a retailer, easily capable of developing a wholesale division? Possibly a UK-based operation with untapped overseas markets, ready and waiting to be exploited? Or maybe you’d simply like to know more about the opportunities that might be open to you?

Naturally, there are always budgetary considerations, but if the main factor holding you back is a lack of time and resources, why not consider outsourcing the task? A knowledgeable consultant, with the necessary relevant experience, could carry out the groundwork - even set up the entire venture - cost-effectively and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on your own priorities.

If you’d like to discover more, an initial, confidential, informal discussion with Laurence White will cost you absolutely nothing! And there’s no future obligation either, so please don’t wait - contact me today!

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